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Real time scrap price

Using our extensive worldwide network, we are able to give you up to date scrap prices. For example:

New Aluminium



real-time calculation of
your own prices

Based on the LME

With our ‘company prices’ tool you can add your own formula based on the LME or other sources and your own reductions to have your own prices calculated every second for you and your colleagues. You can then share it with any of your colleagues. Or even with the whole commercial team (and no one else), so they and only they know what the current company price is for any given material.

real-time calculation of your own prices based on the LME

Interested in these great tools?


Officeradar for desktop


Our most extensive product. Shows you all information on your PC. No installation necessary, runs in your browser. It offers you a full set of tools that will help you to monitor and analyze the developments in the metal (recycling) industry.

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Our super easy, super friendly mobile app. It shows you what you need, anywhere,  in one click. real-time scrap prices, LME, Comex, SHFE, trends, news, Currencies. It’s got it all. Used by thousands of recyclers all over the world and totally free. (LME and Comex data available for a monthly fee, but free trial availble).

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mobileradar for any os available

What users say:

“Metal Radar has become an indispensable link”
Metal Radar provides our business with real-time metal and forex data through smartphones. Through their system our commercial team has access to real-time metal prices without any delay. Our position in the scrap recycling has grown fastly over the last couple of years and Metal Radar has become an indispensable link. The biggest compliment I can give Metal Radar is that our commercial people have repeatedly let me know that in the morning they first open Metal Radar and only after that their eyes…
Rob Nansink, Inter Seroh
“Highly professional multi-lingual team, with 24 hours support and reliable products”
We have chosen Metal Radar because of their highly professional multi-lingual team, flexibility, 24 hours assistance and support and reliable products. Besides this, the Metal Radar staff finds it very important to maintain good and close relationships with their clients. They will not hesitate to come by your office if you need anything.
Alejandro Vela, CEO at Metales Vela SL
“Our reliable and helpful partner for real-time information”
Metal Radar has been providing us with real-time information on metal prices and news on metal recycling for years. We know them as a very reliable and helpfull business partner.
Steffen Grunberg, Virol Recycling Group
“Their services perfectly meet our needs”
We have chosen Metal Radar because their services perfectly meet our needs: highly professional team, very competitive prices, 24 hours assistance and support, flexible and reliable products.
Irene Piacentini, Marketing Manager at Sierra Europe Srlu

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