We believe in the superiority of both our products and our support.

At Metal Radar, we love what we do. In our unique team of experts, everybody has the same goal: offering the best experience to our customers. ‘User friendly’ is the word for both our people and our products.

That is why our customers not only choose Metal Radar for its friendly pricing, but also because our fanatical service, reliability, multilingual support, flexibility and our mission to always put the customer first.

SalesSepp Hermelink
Sepp is Head Of Accounts. He’s running the sales team. Contact him about subscriptions.
Joined Metal Radar in 2012
AccountingMarjon Niks
Marjon is responsible for the financial administration. (Yes, she sends the invoices to :) ).
Joined Metal Radar in 2013
Business Development
Business DevelopmentBob Lucassen
You can contact Bob about custom solutions, feature requests etc. He’s always in for a chat. Bob is Head of Business Development.
Joined Metal Radar in 2016.
General and project manager
General and project managerTim Nijenbrink
Tim is leading the business units and he’s managing development team.
Founded Metal Radar in 2007.